Generalist Physicians don't help prevent falls. Do you have a fall prevention specialist physician?

Older adults worried about falling usually are told by their primary care doctors to exercise or see a physical therapist, see a podiatrist, get vision checked and install grab bars. Sometimes medications that can cause somnolence or blood pressure drop are adjusted.

Unfortunately, even this general protocol is rarely followed: physicians and nurse practitioners did not review medications 40% of the time, did not recommend exercise 48% of the time and did not refer patients to a vision specialist 62% of the time when caring for older adults at risk of falls (Prev Med Rep. 2018 Jan 31;9:149-152).

It is not surprising therefore that generalist/family medicine physician-led management for preventing falls does not seem to help: Older adults 75+ died from falls in 2016 almost 3 times as more frequently than in 2000 (JAMA. 2019;321(21):2131-2133). Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend a personalized fall prevention physician led management plan.

At Steady Strides we provide a comprehensive fall prevention program where your care is coordinated between the specialist fall prevention physician with physical and occupational therapy experts. Call to make an appointment if you or your loved ones are concerned about balance/gait deficits or have had falls.