Dr. L. Atanelov, physiatrist

Dr. L. Atanelov, physiatrist

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Steady Strides
Fall Prevention & Stroke Rehabilitation Medical Institute

Steady Strides is a medical institute with a primary focus on fall prevention care & stroke rehabilitation. Steady Strides is the nation’s premier comprehensive medical fall prevention institute.  

Steady Strides provides physiatric medical care in outpatient clinics as well as at nursing homes and adult daycare facilities. Physiatry is a branch of medicine specializing in musculoskeletal and neurological conditions that impair function and activities of daily living such as walking, eating, using the restroom, climbing stairs and driving to work. Physiatrists adapt a ‘whole person approach’ to medical care, working along side other physician colleagues to restore or maximize patient independence. Physiatrists commonly work in outpatient or inpatient settings leading teams of nurses, therapists (physical, occupational, and speech) and social workers.  


Dr Atanelov, MD, A. Cooperman OTL, and S. Sheckels DPT coordinating patient care

Dr Atanelov, MD, A. Cooperman OTL, and S. Sheckels DPT coordinating patient care

Steady Strides provides clinical care in outpatient clinics and long term care facilities.

After a fall event or stroke, it can be difficult to get all your answers in one place. Fall prevention care and stroke rehabilitation require an expert in medical problems and functional impairments. At Steady Strides, this is our specialty and primary area of focus.

We combine a comprehensive evidence-based approach with training in biomechanics of human movement to 1) diagnose and prioritize patients' individual medical and functional impairments and 2) develop each patient's individualized recovery and management plan unique to their biomechanical and bio-psycho-social environment, typically within one or two visits. Each patient receives an individualized plan consisting of strategies tailored to his/her medical history, as well as lifestyle, movement patterns and daily activities. Through our protocol, we work with you and your family to identify specific goals and actively help you meet them, taking the lead physician role in your recovery to get you back on your feet.

Our professionals know that fall prevention and stroke rehabilitation is not just about safety: it’s about helping you do the things you like to do without having to rely on others! Our mission is to help our patients accomplish their goals in a painless, compassionate, and efficient way.

We aim to educate our patients in a safe environment while offering them necessary comprehensive care. We understand that many people have anxiety about medical treatment, so we created a soothing environment and a scheduling system that never keeps you waiting long. By combining the latest technology with traditional techniques, we give our patients the best care in Maryland.

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Develop and deliver cutting edge community, facility and individualized evidence-based fall prevention and neuro-rehabilitation medical and rehabilitative integrated bio-psycho-social interventions.


Steady Strides is committed to providing excellent clinical care, innovative clinical research, public health initiatives, as well as public and professional education opportunities to reduce falls in the elderly. 


Steady Strides is committed to Lead with IntegrityExcel Together, and Embrace Individuality in all we do.

Lead with Integrity: Be a role model. Leadership means honestly serving the needs of people relying on you and bringing out best in others. Integrity means commitment to doing the right thing and being accountable for your words and actions.

Excel Together: Be a team-player. Two heads are better than one. Communicate with the team to be more effective and efficient in removing barriers and fostering success.  Let others speak and/or speak up when needed to achieve team goals.

Embrace Individuality: Be curious and creative. Every person, problem and environment has unique features. Leverage these features to creatively tailor-make your approach. Measure success by patient-centered individualized goal-directed outcomes.