Back Pain and Falls

A new study reports that medium to high level of low back pain correlates with higher risk of falls.

2,738 older adults aged ≥60  were enrolled in a cohort observational study and level of low back pain-related disability was assessed divided into three categories (none, low, and medium to high). Incidence of falls over the following year was determined using a self-reported questionnaire. Subjects with medium to high levels of back pain disability were more likely to experience subsequent falls (RR = 1.53, 95% CI = 1.21-1.95) and falls requiring treatment (RR = 2.55, 95% CI = 1.41-4.60) than those with no LBP-related disability.

See Kimachi K et al. Level of Low Back Pain-Related Disability Is Associated with Risk of Subsequent Falls in an Older Population: Locomotive Syndrome and Health Outcomes in Aizu Cohort Study (LOHAS). Pain Med. 2019 Mar 11 for more detail