Fall Prevention: Community Based Programs

Community [that is to say not clinician led] interventions can be very worthwhile in preventing falls as supported by published evidence. 

There is strong evidence that Tai Chi has been shown to help with fall reduction. Fortunately many senior centers and other community venues can help you find a local Tai Chi instructor.

NCOA, the National Council of Aging [https://www.ncoa.org/healthy-aging/falls-prevention], has been providing grants for local agencies to spread community based interventinos proven to prevent falls, e.g. OTAGO, Stepping ON, CAPABLE, FallsTalk, A Matter of Balance, etc... [https://www.ncoa.org/healthy-aging/falls-prevention/falls-prevention-programs-for-older-adults]. If you or your loved ones are at risk of falls, it may be helpful to call your local area of aging to find out which of these programs are offered in your locale.

Please speak with a qualified provider to help you choose which of these programs is best for you. 

Dr Atanelov, MD

CEO, Steady Strides: Fall Prevention and Stroke Rehabilitation Medical Institute