The Steady Strides Physical Therapy (PT) program combines time-honored fall prevention and balance rehabilitation physical therapy techniques with cutting edge specialty pain management, manual therapy and vestibular rehabilitation interventions to help our patients. Our physical therapy team works closely with physician and occupational therapy colleagues to help provide multidimensional and comprehensive goal directed care for Steady Strides patients.

American Physical Therapy Association recommends physical therapy for balance deficits and fall prevention. Centers for Disease Control STEADI protocol for preventing falls in the elderly recommends physician assessment to provide specific diagnosis(es) and referral to physical therapy. At Steady Strides we work closely with our physician department to help accurately treat the conditions contributing to balance deficits, impairing balance and causing falls. In addition to treatment of classic gait problems we understand that other conditions including hip and knee pain may need to be managed to help optimize outcomes.

Fall Prevention and Balance Rehabilitation

Neuro-rehabilitation often focuses on chronic conditions like stroke, Parkinson’s or spinal cord injury. We treat co-morbid spasticity (“muscle tightness”) together with muscle weakness and impaired joint range of motion. We pride ourselves on comprehensive approach utilizing modalities and manual therapy interventions as needed.


At Steady Strides we work closely with our physician department to help treat neck, lower back, knee, hip, shoulder or wrist pain. We see conditions including osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, radiculopathy, rotator cuff syndrome, subacromial impingement and peripheral neuropathy.

Orthopedic Rehab & Pain Management

At Steady Strides we provide rehabilitation interventions for conditions causing vertigo which may be perceived by patients as a “room spinning sensation.” Vertigo may be due to central or peripheral etiology. We work closely with our physician department to ensure proper diagnosis and comprehensive goal directed rehabilitation care. American Physical Therapy Association recommends vestibular rehabilitation for vestibular deficit-associated impairments and functional limitations.

Vestibular Rehabilitation