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Fall Prevention

Under leadership of Dr L. Atanelov Steady Strides is pioneering comprehensive medical and rehabilitation care for older adults at risk of falls. We are proud to be nation’s first comprehensive fall prevention medical institute.

According to the CDC guidelines you are at high risk of falls if you have had two falls in the past twelve months or at least one traumatic fall. You may be at high risk of falls if you or your loved ones are noticing balance or gait deficits or have concerns about falling.

At Steady Strides you will work with a fall prevention specialist physician, Dr Atanelov, who diagnoses why people fall, lose balance or have gait deficits and provides a tailor-made medical and rehabilitation treatment plan and management. Dr Atanelov works with an in-house team of highly trained physical and occupational therapists specializing in prevention of falls in seniors. Physician and therapists work as a team discussing patients and analyzing together how to best improve outcomes. Steady Strides offers a comprehensive one stop shop for individuals at risk of falls covered by insurance.

Dr Atanelov was trained at Johns Hopkins Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in managing musculoskeletal and neurological conditions affecting human biomechanics. Dr Atanelov uses human biomechanics and gait analysis training to comprehensively assess and diagnose the particular medical conditions causing falls and/or impairing balance and gait.

These conditions may include syncope, dysautonomia, orthostatic hypotension, peripheral neuropathy, joint pain/restricted range of motion, myelopathy, spasticity, movement disorders (e.g. Parkinson’s), limb paralysis (e.g. stroke), vestibular deficits (e.g. vertigo), sarcopenia, frailty and others. These conditions span a gamut of physician specialties including geriatrics, orthopedics, neurology, otolaryngology, cardiology and others. At Steady Strides we assess for the wide range of conditions involved and help prioritize them based on their specific contributions to impairing safety of locomotion. We do not believe in one-size-fits-all approach to medicine and our treatment interventions are fine tuned to each patient’s specific needs.

In addition to providing cutting edge evidence-based clinical interventions for preventing falls both in the community and in residential facilities, we work closely with the State of Maryland and Baltimore City to develop public health interventions for preventing falls, provide fall prevention education for clinicians and lay public, as well as facilitate shadowing and research opportunities for students interested in fall prevention medicine.  

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