Steady Strides Physiatry Services at Adult Day Care Facilities



  • On-site consultation for non-opiate pain management (e.g. steroid & trigger point injections, modalities, DME, etc...), fall prevention, spasticity, neurological (e.g. stroke, neuropathy, etc…) and orthopedic conditions

  • Steady Strides is pioneering comprehensive medical and rehabilitation care for patients at risk of falls

  • Prescribe patient-centered therapy and medical interventions to help remove patient barriers to progress with therapy and optimize safety and outcomes

  • Liaison between nurses, physicians, therapists and patients to provide team-based comprehensive medical and rehabilitation care


  • Prevent medical complications causing hospital admissions

  • Reduce patient falls in facility

  • Participate in meetings to help with patient medical and rehabilitation management as needed

  • Support medical quality and safety goals, processes and measures as needed.

  • Provide documentation to justify therapy goals, support equipment need and help with audits as needed

  • Lead in-service education for staff, nurses and therapists as needed



  • Physiatry services provide a competitive edge that can be advertised by the adult day care facility marketing team to their referral sources, e.g. physicians, case managers, etc...

  • Patients appreciate having additional physician services and by "the word of mouth" relate to their communities the extra care provided with regular physiatry services

  • Physiatrists normally treat patients with chronic disabling conditions, many of whom may require additional functional support and community care provided by adult day care facilities. Patient preference is often to choose to receive care at the facilities where their physiatrist is practicing.